Xabier Barriola

Xabier Barriola | IESE Business School

Xabier is a job market candidate from the Production, Technology, and Operations Management Department. His research interests lie in the intersection of operations management and marketing. In particular, he studies how firms should respond to market pressures in order to develop new products in a responsible way. Additionally, he is interested in analyzing how consumers react to the introduction of new products. Moreover, he studies how supply chain disruptions have an effect in product and service management. His main goals are to understand how firms and consumers can work together to release and consume products in a more sustainable way, and how companies can create mitigating strategies to build a resilient supply chain. He believes that this type of work can make an impact on several industries, and that it is up to the academic community to prescribe better policies to optimize the utilization of resources.

Prior to his academic career, Xabier worked for a period of four years as an environmental consultant based in Panama City, Panama. During that period, he had the opportunity to advise a total of 190 companies that were located in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. His main objective was to assess their operations in order to help them comply with local and international regulations. Moreover, he taught an introductory course about environmental and social risk management to 1,206 coworkers.

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• “The Race for Product Renewal,” with Victor Martínez de Albéniz. In Preparation for Resubmission in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
“Product Renewal in a Dynamic Market: The U.S. Brewing Industry,” with José Azar. Under 2nd Round of Review in Production and Operations Management.
“The Effect of Environmental Disruptions on Consumer Goods.” Under 2nd Round of Review in the Journal of Operations Management


“Managing an Assortment of Durable Goods: Theory and Experiments,” with Mihalis Markakis and Victor Martínez de Albéniz.
“Search and Destroy: Competition and Disappearance in the U.S. Brewing Industry.”
“The Impact of Gasoline Shortages on Public Bike-Sharing Systems.”
“Public Bike-Sharing Systems: Collective vs. Individual Usage,” with Alberto Ibarra and Gabriel Pensamiento.

Xabier Barriola

Ph.D. Candidate

Academic Area

Production, Technology, and Operations Management


Prof. Víctor Martínez de Albéniz


• London Business School – Visiting Scholar
• IESE Business School – Master of Research in Management
• Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – M.S. in Environmental Engineering
• Universidad Simón Bolívar – B.S. in Production Engineering
• École des Mines de Nantes – Visiting Student

Research Interests

New product development, retail, sustainability, marketing-operations interface, disruptions, business analytics.

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