Sumelika Bhattacharyya

Sumelika Bhattacharyya | IESE Business School

Sumelika Bhattacharyya is a PhD candidate of the IESE-CEIBS coordinated PhD programme. Her research interests lie in understanding the foundations of macro-institutional changes concerning work and occupations, especially management ideology. Currently, she is researching the evolution of contemporary ideals about entrepreneurship and the impact of those ideals on entrepreneurial behaviour in Asia. Sumelika has a diverse educational and professional background. After graduating with the top rank in her master’s degree in 2010, she moved to Shanghai to study Chinese philosophy. She worked in the consultancy sector there, prior to joining the academia as a research assistant at the China Europe International Business School. She co-authored three case-studies during this time, after which she went on to join the MRM programme in Barcelona in 2013.

Sumelika Bhattacharyya

IESE-CEIBS Coordinated PhD Programme Candidate

Academic Area

Managing People in Organisations

Dissertation Directors

Profs. Carlos Rodríguez-Lluesma & Marta Elvira


• MA East Asian Studies (University of Delhi)
• BS Biochemistry (University of Delhi)
• Intensive Diploma Chinese Language (University of Delhi)

Research Interests

Institutional Change; Historical Organizational Studies; Organization Theory; Management Ideology; Work & Occupations

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