Farah Yasmine Shakir


Farah is a PhD Candidate in which her passion and main line of research is within optimizing cultural differences in terms of corporate culture and identity and leadership values. She has presented her work in conferences such as the Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, European Group for Organizational Studies, European International Business Academy. She has been invited to talk at different forums about managing business across different cultures. Her teaching assignments thus far have involved International Business, Human Resource Management and Social Thought in Management where she has always received top ratings as an instructor.

In addition, Farah has extensive experience in the corporate sector across various industries as both a management consultant and within strategic human resource management. She also works as an Executive Facilitator in the Learning Innovation Unit at IESE Business School where she is involved in the execution of in-company programs. Previously her last position within management was as the Head of HR Strategy at the headquarters of a large financial institution.



Shakir, F.Y., & Lee, Y.-t. (2017). Connecting across cultures: An empirical examination of multicultural individuals as global leaders. In M.E. Mendenhall, J. Osland, & M. Li (Eds.), Advances in Global Leadership (Vol.10), Emerald.

Shakir, F.Y., Kipfelsberger, P., Raes, A., & Lee, Y.-t. (2017) Personal Risk for Social Good. In R. Koonce, P. Robinson, B. Vogel, Developing Leaders for Positive Organizing: A 21st Century Repertoire for Leading in Extraordinary Times, Emerald.

Khilji, S.E, Keilson, B, Shakir. F.Y. & Shrestha, B.K. (2015). Self, Follower, Organization and the Context: A Cross Cultural View of Authentic Leadership. South Asian Journal of Global Business Research. 4(1): 2-26.

Working Papers:

Shakir, F.Y. The Success of a Cultural Misfit: Crossing Cultural Divide Through Value-Based Organizational Identification.

Shakir, F.Y., Lee, Y.-t., & Vora, D. Facilitators of Duality: The Affective Role of Multicultural Leaders in Fostering Dual Organizational Identification.

Farah Yasmine Shakir

PhD in Management

Academic Area

Managing People in Organizations

Dissertation Director

Prof. Yih-teen Lee


• International Faculty Program, IESE Business School, Spain
• Master of Research in Management, IESE Business School, Spain
• Master of Industrial Relations, Queen’s University, Canada
• Bachelor of Administrative & Commercial Studies, Organizational and Human Resources, Western University, Canada

Research Interests

Organizational Identity, Multicultural Identity, Global leadership, International Business

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