Resources & Tools

IESE provides you with the research and teaching resources you would expect from one of the world’s leading business schools.

As a PhD student, you can utilize an extensive array of research techniques to pursue your studies. These include the following:

  • field studies
  • statistical databases
  • panel research
  • experiments on behavior
  • empirical models
  • theoretical models

If you require funding for specific data collection, you can submit a research funding proposal.

  • IESE Library | PhD | IESE Business School
    Among the best business libraries in the world, the IESE Barcelona library supports your learning and research activities with high-quality international business and management information resources. Our resources include online access to licensed data and publications from major providers such as Thomson Reuters, Euromonitor, MarketLine and OECD. You can access most of the library’s resources from outside the IESE campus.
  • IESE Insight | PhD | IESE Business School
    IESE Insight is the business knowledge portal of IESE. Insight equips you to better assess business problems and make decisions that impact your development, the people you work with and the world in which we operate.
  • Research Centers | PhD | IESE Business School
    IESE research centers influence business and policy on a global scale. Our research centers are supported by the patronage of partner companies and organizations who collaborate with us to define research objectives. Each center is led by a senior professor who is a recognized specialist and expert, supported by a team of researchers and assistants.
  • CHAIRS | PhD | IESE Business School
    IESE chairs link deep academic excellence with diverse business challenges. The fruit of the school’s relationship with leading companies and foundations, chairs pursue advanced research in specific business areas. IESE chairs are led by senior professors who are recognized experts in their field.


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