PhD in Management

PhD in Management | IESE Business School

Once you have successfully completed the MRM program or you are in the possession of a graduate degree in research methodologies for business and sciences and are admitted to the doctoral phase, you will begin researching and writing your dissertation in the specialized field of your choice.

During this phase, you will work on your research with help from your mentor and faculty advisers. In addition, you will present your research at international conferences and seminars. The program culminates in your thesis defense.

Dissertation proposal

You will present your thesis proposal during the first year of your PhD program. Once your proposal is approved, you can then register for the second year. The time limit for completing your doctorate is three years from initial enrollment to defense of your dissertation.

Throughout the program, you will receive close and highly personalized guidance from your faculty mentor. They will help orientate you throughout the process and prepare you for your thesis defense.

Electives Courses

You will have the opportunity to attend electives and seminars organized by our faculty members. Enrolling in electives specific to your research, plus those that are complementary, will help give your studies a holistic and well-rounded perspective.

The following electives are scheduled for the upcoming year:

Business Ethics
Qualitative Research Methods II – Prof. Antonino Vaccaro

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship – Prof. Christoph Zott

Managing People in Organizations
Cross-Cultural Research – Prof. B. Sebastian Reiche
Advanced Organizational Behavior – Prof. Álvaro San Martín

Beharioral Insights – Prof. Elena Reutskaja

Strategic Management
Advanced Strategy – Prof. David Wehrheim
Introduction to Computational Social Science – Prof. Massimo Maoret & Prof. Jordi Torrents
Qualitative Research Methods I – Prof. África Ariño


Conferences & Seminars

As a PhD student, you are encouraged and funded to present your research papers at international conferences.

These conferences include the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, and the Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference. Furthermore, we recommend you to follow seminars and workshops specifically designed for your research topics.

These international conferences and seminars are an opportunity to both enhance your research and build your own professional network.

International Doctor Distinction

If you complete a 3-month period abroad at an institution of higher education or research center of prestige, doing research or field work or even course work, you might want to be awarded with the “International Doctor Distinction”

Check the “Academic Rules” for all the requirements.

Brown Bag Sessions

In a weekly Brown Bag Session, both professors and students internally present their research papers and projects; brainstorm on new topics, supervise or suggest, encourage and guide each other.
These sessions clearly improve the climate of collaboration between all the members of the research community,

External Courses and Summer Schools

Besides the coursework offered during the courses of the MRM or the elective courses of the PhD, we encourage students to search for specific courses that can be relevant for their research topic or that can provide them with accurate expertise in a related field at any other recognized institution.

Research Seminars

Students are expected to become familiar with the most relevant academic research in the different areas of management sciences. All around the year, the different departments invite the most outstanding academia of business schools and universities of all over the globe, to present their work here at IESE and to interact with them in the most inspiring and enriching sessions you can encounter in the field of research.

Student´s Mobility

We definitely encourage and support both geographical as well as interdisciplinary mobility within an integrated framework of cooperation between universities and business schools or other institutions beyond all border or frontiers.

Language Courses

Students who want to take advantage of their stay here, can register for a Spanish language course.