Felipe A. Guzmán


Felipe is a PhD candidate in the department of Managing People in Organizations at IESE Business School. In broad terms, Felipe’s research seeks to understand the processes of upward and downward influence and exchange in supervisor-subordinate relationships. Specifically, his research focuses on work motivation, trust, and employees’ performance of citizenship behaviors. Felipe is also one of the fellow members of the Cross-Cultural Management Network (www.ccmnetwork.net).


• Guzman, F. A. & Espejo, A. (2015). “Dispositional and Situational Differences in Motives to Engage in Citizenship Behavior.” Journal of Business Research, 68(2), 208-215.

• Guzman, F. A. & Espejo, A. “Consequences of Employee Voice” (masked tittle to facilitate blind review). First round R&R at Journal of Organizational Behavior.

• Guzman, F. A. “ Trickle-down effects of helping behavior: A moderated mediation approach” Two field studies completed. Paper in preparation for submission. Target journal: JAP.

Felipe A. Guzmán

PhD Candidate

Academic Area

Managing People in Organizations

Dissertation Director

Prof. Sebastian Reiche


• MS in Management (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile)
• BA in Business Administration and Management (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile)

Research Interests

Employee voice; OCB, Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships; Work Motivation; Trust; Cross-Cultural Research; Language in International Business

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