Ali Samei


Ali Samei is a PhD candidate in the Strategic Management. His research interest lies in the intersection of innovation and top managers’ effect. In particular, he studies the effect of top management teams’ characteristics on their innovation decisions. So far, he presented his work in the Druid Academy 2017 and the Madrid Work and Organizations Workshop 2016.

Prior to his academic career, Ali worked for different companies in Iran. He supervised several engineering projects in the oil and gas industry, and participated in the design of the roadmaps for the clean energy sector and the alternative fuel vehicles technology for the Iranian governments. Ali has a background in Management and Engineering. His master thesis was about the antecedents of adopting energy-efficient technologies in the Iranian energy-intensive industries.


•Samei, A, Financialization and Innovation

In this study, we examine the effect of the financialization of the non-financial corporations (NFCs) on their innovation decision and output. Our findings, based on a longitudinal sample of US public pharmaceutical firms, provide nuanced insights into how financialization of the organizations affects their innovativeness.

Ali Samei

PhD Candidate

Academic Area

Strategic Management

Dissertation Director

Prof. Bruno Cassiman


• MS Management Engineering, 2014 (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
• BS Mechanical Engineering, 2008 (Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran)

Research Interests

Innovation, CEOs and Top-Management-Ream, Resource Allocation

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