Alexis Yong


Alexis Yong is an MRM student affiliated with the Strategy Department. His research interest is in strategy and international trade; specifically on the responses of firms to globalization and multinational production. Before joining IESE, Alexis participated in the ASP program at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, worked as assistant professor of international business at the Universidad del Pacífico and a researcher associated with the APEC Study Center at the same institution. His area of specialty involved international trade, and his work focused on trade and investment dynamics among Latin American and Asia-Pacific countries. Through his research and outreach activities, he contributed to the development of trade-related research in Peru and the broader Andean Community. Alexis received his M.A. and B.A. in economics from Universidad del Pacífico.


Publications – Books

Gonzalez Vigil, F., Abi-Fadel, H., & Yong, A. 2015. Redes Empresariales Marítimo Portuarias en el Pacífico Sudamericano. Lima: Fondo Editorial de la Universidad del Pacífico.

Publications – Chapters in books

Sanborn, C., & Yong, A. 2015. El Auge Económico de Peru y la Conexión Asiática. In C. J. Arnson & J. Heine (Eds), Puentes sobre el Pacífico: Latinoamérica y Asia en el Nuevo Siglo, 61 – 92. Lima: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Fondo Editorial de la Universidad del Pacifico.

Santa Gadea, R. & Yong, A. 2015. Trade and Investment as Drivers of Development in Member Countries of the Pacific Alliance. In R. Santa Gadea (Eds), Analysis of Experiences in Trade and Investment between LAC and Korea: The Case of Member Countries of the Pacific Alliance, 14 – 28. Washington: Inter American Development Bank.

Sanborn, C., & Yong, A. 2014. Peru’s Economic Boom and the Asian Connection. In C. J. Arnson & J. Heine (Eds), Reaching Across the pacific: Latin America and Asia in the New Century, 61 – 92. Washington: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Yong, A., & Hurtado, J. M. 2013. Perú y las cadenas de valor en APEC: ¿Cuál es el rol de las redes de transporte en la competitividad?. In Perez, M. C. (Eds), Cómo aprovechar el APEC Perú 2008 en la Era de los TLC. 17 – 80. Lima: Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.

Publications – Working papers

Sanborn, C., & Yong, A. 2013. Peru’s Economic Boom and the Asian Connection. Woodrow Wilson Center. For the conference: “Reaching Across the Pacific: Latin America and Asia in the New Century”. Washington, D.C: June 20, Available at: /DRAFT%20PAPER%20FOR%20CONFERENCE_Sanborn.pdf

Gonzalez Vigil, F., Yong, A., & Hurtado, J.M. 2012. Comercio y Transporte Marítimo: el Caso del Pacífico Sudamericano . Working Papers 12-08, Departamento de Economía, Universidad del Pacífico, revised Nov 2012, Available at: EditForm/Comercio-y-transporte-mar%C3%ADtimo.El-caso-del-Pac%C3%ADfico-Suramericano.pdf

Gonzalez Vigil, F., Zevallos, H., & Yong, A. 2012. Bienes Públicos Regionales en Países Andinos. Red Mercosur, Working Paper N° 1 – 2012, Available at:

Yong, A. 2011. ¿Vencen al Mercado? El Caso de los Fondos Mutuos de Renta Fija en el Mercado Peruano. Journal of Business at the Universidad del Pacifico. Vol. 3 – ISSN 2078-9424 2. July-December 2011.

Publications – Local magazines and press

Yong A. 2015. Exploring the Implications of TPP Negotiations for Latin America. Asia Pathways – Asian Development Bank. Available at:

Kuoman, D. & Yong A. 2009. Lima… ¿un hub aeroportuario? Punto de Equilibrio vol. 18 No. 102.

Antonioli, C. & Yong A. 2008. Política comercial y APEC: cómo armonizarlos para aprovechar esta gran oportunidad. Punto de Equilibrio vol. 17 No. 98.

Alexis Yong

MRM student

Academic Area

Strategic Management


Prof. Bruno Cassiman


• Advanced Studies in International Economic Policy Research (Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany)
• MA Economics (Universidad del Pacífico, Peru)
• BA Economics (Universidad del Pacífico, Peru)

Research Interests

Strategy, International Trade

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