PhD in Management


Once you have successfully completed the MRM program and are admitted to the doctoral phase, you will begin researching and writing your dissertation in the specialized field of your choice.

During this phase, you will work on your research with help from your mentor and faculty advisers. In addition, you will present your research at international conferences and seminars. The program culminates in your thesis defense.

Dissertation proposal

You will present your thesis proposal during the first year of your PhD program. Once your proposal is approved, you can then register for the second year. The time limit for completing your doctorate is three years from initial enrollment to defense of your dissertation.

Throughout the program, you will receive close and highly personalized guidance from your faculty mentor. They will help orientate you throughout the process and prepare you for your thesis defense.


You will have the opportunity to attend electives and seminars organized by our faculty members. Enrolling in electives specific to your research, plus those that are complementary, will help give your studies a holistic and well-rounded perspective.

The following electives are scheduled for the upcoming year:

Accounting and Control
Conceptual Issues in Research Methodology – Prof. Josep Rosanas

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship – Prof. Christoph Zott
Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Antonino Vaccaro

Behavioral Microeconomics – Prof. Xavier Vives

Information Systems
Qualitative Research Methods II – Prof. Robert Gregory

Managing People in Organizations
Cross-Cultural Research – Prof. B. Sebastian Reiche
Advanced Organizational Behavior – Prof. Sebastien Brion

Managerial Decision Sciences
Time Series – Prof. Miguel Ángel Canela

Decision Making and Consumer Behavior – Prof. Elena Reutskaja & Prof. Íñigo Gallo

Strategic Management
Advanced Strategy – Prof. Pascual Berrone
Introduction to Computational Social Science – Prof. Massimo Maoret
Qualitative Research Methods I – Prof. África Ariño


Conferences & Seminars

As a PhD student, you are encouraged and given funding to present your research papers at international conferences.

These conferences include the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, and the Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference. Furthermore, we recommend you follow seminars and workshops specifically designed for your research topics.

These international conferences and seminars are an opportunity to both enhance your research and build your professional network.

International Doctor Distinction

If you work on your doctoral thesis in an institution oh higher education or recognized research center outside of Spain but still within the European Union, you can earn the distinction of “International Doctor.”

To qualify, you must spend at least four months abroad, have support from IESE’s Dissertation Advisor and be authorized by the Executive Committee.